AR ENGINEERING SERVICES Since 2019 Located in Head Office Dehradun Uttarakhand having Manufacturing facility in Rajkot Gujarat India, is one of the technology leaders in the Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Industry providing the highest quality of products and services and being a one stop solution to cater to all your forging/Finished Goods needs. ARES certified With IS0 9001, we are full equipped to carry our reputation as ‘FORGING LEADERS & OIL FIELD COMPONENTS MANUFACTURER.

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Vision & Mission


Transforming products into industry bench marks and to understand and anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations. We aggressively purse new business determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity determination and a positive approach every task a can do spirit and we always ask “How can we serve our customers best”?

Recognitions/ Certificates

ISO 9001:2015

Approved by American “United Accreditation Foundation”