Pup Joints


AR Engineering Services integral fitting includes, Pup Joints (THREADED OR WELDED), 2″ to 10″ and pressures from 1000psi to 15000psi.The integral connections made of high strength alloy steel with all heat-treated to enhance load-bearing capacity and lengthen service life. AR Engineering Services integral fittings have union ends for easy connection with various cementing or fracturing equipment, and welded end connectors designed as per API Spec 6A.

AR Engineering Services integral fittings are used for connection between different sizes or thread pipes. Various models of API integral connectors for normal temperature, low temperature and sour gas (H2S) conditions can be provided. The API integral connectors for sour gas (H2S) environments are made to NACE MR0175; AR Engineering Services can provide customs-built Welded connectors according to customer’s specific requirement and drawings.